The Gathering of Light

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Come to the Gathering of Light
Where beauty inspires the heart; where wonder dazzles the soul.
A dream, an awakening, where serenity springs eternal.
Here there are no secrets just unknown truths to be revealed
Arrive with unknowing leave with awakening
Discover the previously unknowable
See what it means to awaken your spirit.
Do you think you have seen it all? Awake!
Come to the Gathering of Light


A Place to Enhance Your Unique Spiritual Journey

The Gathering of Light is a multifaith congregation that provides for people of all faiths a place of worship as well as community, service and education.  Whatever path you use, we offer a safe place for you to explore your individual belief system.

All forms of human spirituality are recognized and honored through an offering of different faiths.  Our services and programs support positive and practical spirituality within the fellowship and in service to the community.  All are welcome to participate in substance free social events, educational workshops and activities.

Come explore, be supported and have fun as you deepen your relationship with the Universe as you understand it.

The Gathering of Light Interspiritual Fellowship was founded in 1996.  Reverend Jo Ann Barrett, MSC, CASAC, is the Senior Minister, Reverend Gerard Pruziner is our Assistant Minister & our Music Minister Reverend Annie Mark.  We are a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation.

Presbyterian Church of Sweet Hollow 

95 Old Country Road

Melville, NY  11747




Gathering of Light Interspiritual Fellowship is part of an international movement of people wishing to identify themselves as having a spiritual expression rather than being defined by a specific religion. 

John Shelby Spong an Episcopal scholar, called for this in his book A New Church, “We need to develop a church or a spiritual community or a faith that takes people as they are and says ”We’re gonna walk with you into the mystery of God. And there’s no roadmaps. We can’t tell you what you have to do. We can’t tell you what the rules are, you discover them as you go.” And as you do that you honor people’s questions instead of pretending that you have the answers and you let people journey at different paces.” 

We work together to have an experience that will move you in some way outside of your daily concerns and give you a sense of awe, wonder, connection, love; a personal experience of the Divine.

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